Monday, April 5, 2010

Cross-Listing: An Explanation

What is Cross-listing?

“…Cross-listing does not delete any content.  When two courses are cross-listed, a third “parent” course shell is created.  The other two continue to exist with any assigned content remaining there. 

But any student or instructor trying to access the original two courses is automatically forwarded into the new, blank parent shell.  The appearance is that content is lost, but it is not.  If the instructor wants to use content created before the cross-listing occurred, they just need to copy it into the new parent shell.”

Michelle Goedders, 4/05/2010

When is cross-listing used?

Faculty who want to combine one or more sections of a class.

How long does it take?

Usually about 24 hours

What is the process?

College admins create the cross-listing in Banner, which generates a third “Parent” course in Blackboard.  Then the faculty can copy content into this “parent” course.

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