Monday, January 7, 2013

As we begin the semester with D2L I would like to encourage each of you to help us provide a sense of calm to all of our students as they begin their work with the new LMS.  Change is always difficult and many of these students, in spite of the messaging, may be unaware of the new LMS.  There is going to be a natural sense of apprehension, fear and tension particularly at the start of the semester as we will have the normal technical glitches that go along with any new large scale implementation.  You are critical in helping ease this transition.  If you can listen to the students, and help convey a sense of calm and direct students who may be struggling to the available resources, we will minimize the student's challenge and start them off in the right way. 

Furthermore, if you can let the students know that there is an entire team of faculty and staff resources devoted to immediately tackling any problem that arises.  This team will work to resolve issues as soon as possible.  Hopefully, this will ease the transition for our students. 

As a reminder here are some resources for students:

Student information, orientation, and tutorials:

The Response Center (dial 0) can assist students in identifying their user name if necessary:

The helpdesk is available 24/7 and can assist students to reset their passwords

By Phone:        Call us toll free from anywhere at 866-813-1177 or x4357 from on campus.
By E-mail:

Additional student self-help resources:

How do I set my secret questions and answers? Click Here to View Video

How do I reset my password? Click Here to View Video
How do I access my student Email? Click Here to View Video
How do I forward my student email account to an external address? Click Here to View Video
How do I configure my student account on my Smartphone? Click Here for Instructions

Faculty Resources:   

Assistance for faculty can be found at:

All faculty who attended training were provided access to the D2L Café (a course in D2L to encourage discussion and provide additional support) as well as to the Faculty Training course, a repository to all information presented during training. These will be found on each participating faculty member's D2L home page. (

Finally, the D2L transition team is available to assist you if you have questions.  Your colleagues have devoted a lot of time and a lot of themselves to make this new system work and continue to be available to help:

The team consists of:
Sonja Strahl
Renee Judd
Don Grady
Deana Greenfield
Stuart Carrier
David SanFilippo
Seema Imam
Linda Kryzak
Ellen Belluomini
Suzanna Schoenleber

Again, the helpdesk is available 24/7 and can assist with access issues (usernames/passwords)
By Phone:        Call us toll free from anywhere at 866-813-1177 or x4357 from on campus.
By E-mail:

Each day there will also be a communication issued out via email to all faculty and staff about any known issues that arise regarding D2L.  This communication will also be posted at:

Finally, for the first week of the semester there are welcome resources available to every student as they enter Chicago area campuses.  The division of Student Affairs will have greeters to welcome students and assist with questions.  The Office of Information Technology will deploy techs at the entranceway to be able to also resolve issues in person.

Your help is appreciated and CRITICAL!

Wishing you a tremendous Semester at NLU 3.0!

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