Thursday, February 14, 2013

Streamline Sending Class Emails by using D2L’s Classlist Tool!

D2L’s classlist tool isn’t just for reviewing your classes’ student enrollment data; it’s also an efficient tool for sending class emails. The classlist tool makes it easy to email the entire class, a group of students, or just one student. The benefit of using the classlist tool is the tool’s ability to automatically place your students’ official D2L email address into an email, removing the possibly of emailing the wrong student or accidently entering a student’s email address incorrectly. Additionally the classlist tool enters your student’s d2l email into an email’s Bcc (blind carbon copy) field. By placing your student’s D2L email addresses automatically into the Bcc: field the tool guarantees that students who receive the email cannot see the names of the other recipients, which is a best practice for upholding student privacy.

4 steps to sending an email from the Classlist:
1.    Select the check boxes beside the users you want to email and click Email.
2.    Enter your subject and message in the appropriate fields.
3.    You can click Browse to add an attachment.
4.    Click Send.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to email your class via the classlist tool:

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