Friday, August 8, 2014

Coming Soon…A New and Improved D2L!

In September, NLU will launch its new, upgraded version of Desire2Learn, version 10.3. This upgrade will bring you new features we’re certain you’ll love, as well as a cleaner, more user-friendly interface. Below is a quick list highlighting some of the changes, along with a detailed video covering all these features following.

Rolled into this release will be two new applications – Panopto Video Capture and Turnitin Originality Check. Pantopto will allow you to easily create videos and screencasts to post in your D2L course shell. Turnitin will assist faculty in recognizing possible plagiarized works, as well as help students learn proper citation requirements of academic work.

New Features in 10.3:
  • New 3-column layout on the My Home and Course Home pages 
  • Intuitive design and layout of the Content page 
  • New drag and drop functionality for reordering content and uploading files 
  • Better organization and progression through course pages 
  • Download-free viewing of Microsoft Word documents 
  • Updated design to individual HTML content pages 
  • Activity completion tracking for students 
  • New easier way to create and use templates for your HTML content pages 
  • Expanded Discussion Forum and Topic options for a more customized and flexible discussion experience 
  • More at-a-glance information about discussion topic posts 
  • Expandable and collapsible content map 
  • Rating system for Discussions 
  • Rubrics attached to discussion topics are now viewable by the student 
  • User Progress feature tracks student work and progress, and is viewable to students to track their own progression through the course 
  • Students can be graded using the Dropbox tool, even if they have not submitted a file 
  • Upload multiple feedback files for student assignments 
  • Both end dates and due dates can be added to Dropbox folders 
  • Restore deleted Dropbox folders and Discussion Topics and Forums, while preserving student work 
  • Improved interface for creating and editing quiz questions 
Please watch this video for a detailed overview of the exciting upcoming changes in D2L… And, as always, keep an eye on the LMS Faculty Resources website for the latest information, support, and tutorials for D2L. (

-Your D2L Support Team

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