Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Return of Grid View

You may recall that in D2L 10.0 that you had the option to change the way you viewed discussion posts, in the discussion tool. With the upgrade to 10.3 we unfortunately lost grid view, and reading view became the only option.  While reading view is great, some instructors strongly preferred grid view, and were upset to see it go.
If you were one of those instructors, D2L has heard your cries! D2L 10.3 has now implemented the option to again, choose between reading view and grid view. If you need a refresher on the difference between reading view and grid view, please see the images below.

Reading View (Default in D2L 10.3):

 Grid View (Now an option in D2L 10.3):

 How to change your settings:

1     1.     

Locate the “Discussion Too” on the Nav bar at the top of your course. 

2. Click the “Settings” link on the top right of the Discussion Tool screen.

 3. The first heading beneath “discussion settings” on the next screen reads “Personal Settings."  Here, you will see the “Default View." Select “Grid View."

That’s all there is to it! Three steps to easily changing your discussions back to grid view!

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