Wednesday, April 20, 2016

User Progress Tool for Students

If you are taking a class with online components in D2L then you can use the User Progress tool to keep track of your progress. The User Progress tool helps you check your progress in a course through tracking course-specific assignments and feedback, and through measuring 9 progress indicators including grades, objectives, content, discussions, Dropbox folders, quizzes, checklists, surveys, and login history.

Some of the handy uses for the User Progress tool include:
  • Track Discussion Participation – Use the Discussions tab see how many discussion posts you have authored or read each week. Also find links to each of the posts.
  • Check Your Grades – Use the Grades tab to view you most up-to-date grade calculation and instructor feedback.
  • Review Your Quiz Submissions – Use the Quizzes tab to review your quiz scores, attempts, and instructor feedback.
  • View a Summary of Your Course – Use the Summary tab to get a quick idea about your progress in a course. Check to see how much work you’ve done, and how much more is left to go!
To access the User Progress tool, begin by logging in to your D2L course. In the light blue navigation bar near the top of D2L select Other Tools, then User Progress.

Learn more about the User Progress tool by watching the User Progress Learner Overview video.

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