Thursday, March 5, 2009

Twitter sees 752% Growth in 2008

I was thinking recently about how I hear references to Twitter more and more these days. Maybe it started in the fall with elections, but now I hear it all the time on the radio ("follow us on Twitter"), see it on TV, or hear everyday people talking about it. It also seems more and more people know what it is. Certainly more and more people are using it. I found this article on Nielsen Online reports that Twitter saw 752% growth in 2008. They started out the year with about 500,000 unique users in January and finished with over 4 million unique users in December. Wow.

Other reports on use of Social Networking sites show that Facebook increased its traffic 116% (and evidence is growing it will soon pass MySpace in popularity), Ning is up 270%, and LinkedIn 114%.

If you don't know what Twitter is and are now feeling like you should, no fear, we are planning a Lunch 'n Learn on this tool. We addressed it a bit in our Social Networking session, but I had a feeling even then it was going to warrant its own session soon enough.

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Michelle Goeders said...

NLU is on twitter now. NationalLouis and AskNLU.