Monday, November 18, 2013

Google Chrome and D2L

Using the Google Chrome Browser:
D2L is compatible with various browsers. These include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Google Chrome has become increasingly popular lately, and is used by a large number of our D2L users. However, as these browsers release updates, we notice a slight change in D2L’s functionality. The newest Google Chrome update, in particular, has caused some minor issues with the way D2L displays content.

The Issue:
You may notice when you try to access content in your D2L course, the page seems to be “missing” its content, or only allows you to view the entire page’s content in one very small window at the top of your screen. See the following image for an example of what this could look like.

As you can see, the bottom portion of the page seems to be missing. This can cause issues if students and faculty are unable to view their content. In addition, you may see this issue in D2L tools other than the content page, such as the email and discussion tools.
When using these tools, you can read the text but you are forced to do so by scrolling in the allotted tiny box, making it very difficult to read.

The Fix:
Until Chrome releases another update to address this problem, please take note of the ways you can work around this issue.
·         You can resolve this issue on any content page containing a menu on the left side of the screen by placing your cursor on the side-scroll bar, and dragging your cursor to the right or left to resize the content being displayed.
    In some instances, pages do not have side scroll bars. This is the case in the D2L discussion tool when using the reading view. In these cases you will place your cursor on the edge of the internet browser window, and drag right or left to resize the whole window. Once resized small enough, your content will snap into place. At that point, you can resize it to a normal size with everything displaying as it should.
·         In addition to placing your cursor on the edge of the window and manually resizing it, you can also use the minimize/maximize buttons on the top of your internet browser window. See the image below 

Video Resource:

For more information and a step by step video on how to resolve this issue, click the following link:

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