Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Content Blocking

Many instructors choose to incorporate videos and other multimedia into their course content. Including this format of course content is highly encouraged, as It keeps students engaged and more active with the material. However, sometimes this content can be blocked by your internet browser. This can become an issue for both students and instructors if they do not know how to set their browser options to allow them to view the media.

Google Chrome:
If you are using Google Chrome and the content you are trying to view is blocked, you may see a message similar to the one in the image below.  This message will appear in the top right corner of your internet browser window. If you do not see this message but think that some content is being blocked, you can click the gray “Shield icon” in the top right corner to produce the message below.

Click the “Load unsafe script” link, and click done. The previously blocked content should now display.

Mozilla Firefox:
If you are using Mozilla Firefox and the content you are trying to view is blocked, the alert you receive may resemble the image below. This message will appear in the top left corner of your internet browser window.

To enable the content to display you should click down arrow next to the “keep blocking” option. This will produce a drop down menu with other options. To display your content, you will choose “Disable Protection on This Page.”  You will now be able to see the previously blocked content.

Internet Explorer:

If you are using Internet Explorer and the content you are trying to view is blocked, you will receive a prompt at the bottom center of your screen. View the image below to see an example.

Click the “Show Content” button to display your missing content.

Helpful Tips:
In some cases, students might   not be familiar with preventing content blocking, or may not even be aware that there is content being blocked. For example, in the image below – a YouTube video has been inserted below the text. However, because of the content blocking you can’t even tell there should be a video there.

To fix this issue, include some text about where else they can find the video. An example might be “Watch the YouTube video below. If you cannot see the video you can access it here:” (insert the URL of your video.)

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