Monday, December 30, 2013

Inserting a YouTube Video

When designing courses and lesson plans, there is often a lot of written material for students to read through. Replacing some of this text with videos, or using videos to supplement the already presented information, is a great way to keep students engaged throughout the course, and increase their understanding of the material.
YouTube is a rich source for videos on all topics. You can find numerous videos that are appropriate for educational purposes. In addition, YouTube is already integrated with D2L. D2L makes it easy for you to insert educational videos into your course content.

How to Insert a YouTube Video:
  1. The first step to inserting a YouTube video is to decide where in your course you would like the video to appear. Select the appropriate course content page. 
  2. Locate the editable “Content editor” and take note of the tool bar. 

1.  On the tool bar, locate the icon that resembles a “play, pause, and fast forward, button.” This icon represents a tool called “Insert Stuff”. The Insert Stuff tool allows you to insert media into your course content.

Tip:  Hovering your mouse over the icon will show you the name of the tool.  

        2.  After clicking the Insert Stuff icon, you will be presented with a new window. Notice the options on the left hand side. Here you can choose to upload videos from your computer, from a URL, embed your videos, and insert videos from YouTube. Click on YouTube.


s    3. Begin your search for your YouTube video. Type in keywords that match the topic you are looking for, in the search box.

    4.  Click the search button. In the area below the search box you will notice the results for your search. Scroll through the videos and find one you that you wish to put inside your course. When you have found the video you wish to insert, click on it. You will notice the video you have selected will become highlighted.
      Tip: You can watch the video you have selected after clicking the "next" button at the bottom of the window.

    5. Click Next
    6. The video you have selected will appear for you to review. You can play the video here, by clicking the “Play” button located in the middle of your video. When you are satisfied with your video choice, click “insert” at the bottom left of the window.

Tip: Click the "back" button to select a different video.

7. You should now see your video inside the “content editor” on your course content page. When you are satisfied with your page, click “Save and Close.”

     Your YouTube video is now visible to your students inside your course content.

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